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JDBC - Video Tutorial
Provides brief introduction on JDBC. JDBC stands for Java DataBase Connectivity, an API through which one can connect to the databases. This tutorial describes the variuos types of jdbc driver, jdbc classes and various examples demonstrating the usage of jdbc apis
1. Introduction [08:59]
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JSP - Video Tutorial
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This is a audio-video tutorial on JSP. JSP stands for Java Server Pages. JSP gives your web application the ability to generate dynamic web-pages with a lot of ease. A good understanding of Java, HTML and Servlets to required to be able to grasp the JSP features quickly.
1. Introduction [16:28]
2. JSP Elements - Declarations, Scriptlets, Expressions [21:03]
3. JSP Elements - Directives [22:52]
4. Implicit Objects [24:14]
5. JSP Actions [26:51]
6. Error Handling [08:42]
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Core Java - Video Tutorial
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This is a audio-video tutorial on Core Java. This tutorial talks about some of the basic concepts of Core Java and provides exposure to programming using the Java language. This tutorial could be a good starting point for beginners who have some basic knowledge on programming and would like to learn Java.
If you are looking for any other topics not listed in this tutorial, please let me know and I will try to add if possible, and aware of.
1. Introduction [20:43] 5. Flow Control [10:51] 9. Exceptions [19:48]
2. Introduction - cont [14:34] 6. Arrays and Strings [16:43] 10. Garbage Collection [13:05]
3. Access Modifiers [20:16] 7. Constructors [06:59] 11. Collections [23:38]
4. Operators [10:47] 8. OOPS Explored [34:47] 12. Threads [39:51]
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Servlets - Video Tutorial
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This is a audio-video tutorial on Servlets, with a brief introduction to JSPs. It is targeted to beginners who have fundamental knowledge on Java and HTML. I will cover the basic Servlets concepts - the why, where, how's of Servlets. The tutorial will be followed by a demo where you will see how to practically implement all the topics discussed. Once you go over the demo, you should easily be able to create your own Servlets application...Happy Servletting!!!
Servlets tutorial - Part 1 [32:18]
Servlets tutorial - Part 2 [31:22]
Servlets tutorial - Part 3 [26:26]
Servlets Demo - Part 1 [42:16]
Servlets Demo - Part 2 [46:33]
Download Hello World Servlets Source Code
Download Login Servlet Source Code
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Create and Add Videos to your website
  Ever thought of creating your own videos?
  Ever thought of putting video content on your webiste?
  Not ready to pay a lot for having the privilege of playing videos on your website?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to check out the above link. I have tried to put together all the pieces involved in creating and publishing videos on your webiste. Here you will learn how to record and create videos, possibly edit and convert your vidoes to certain formats and finally how to put the videos on your website.
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Java Collections - What Happens Within
This is a pdf document, which talks about the inner details on Java Collection. We all work with the Collections API classes in our day to day life, but have you ever wondered how these collections work internally? Here you will get to know how some of the Collection classes work internally. You see what happens when you create a instance of a Collection class, what happens when you add/modify/delete elements from the Collection.
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SQL - An Introduction
This pdf on SQL gives a basic introduction to Oralce and SQL in general. I could not find all that I required at one place for SQL, and thats the reason I came up with this document. This should help a beginner understand the Oracle architecture in brief and the different SQL commands.